2015 National Immigration Conference Recap

From May 7 to 9, a national conference of immigration lawyers was held in the nation’s capital. The theme of this year’s conference was: Innovation Nation, highlighting the large number of changes in the immigration system over the past year.

CBA 2015 Conference Banner

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander was a key speaker on Friday, as well as wide array of expert immigration lawyers from across Canada.

Here is a brief selection of topics discussed that will relate directly to many firms who are focused in dealing with immigration law matters:

The new Express Entry system is now of critical importance as it governs the Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and parts of the Provincial programs. Discussion included how exactly does this program work and how does it interact with the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Practical lessons learned for the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD), including recent changes in law, in-depth discussion of eligibility, and sharing of best practices for preparing for RAD submissions.

Everything you wanted to know about Labout Market Impact Assessments (LMIA) … lots of discussion regarding recent changes in the Temporary Foreign Worker system as well as practical tips relating to advertising, NOC classification, and so on.