Federal Court Appeals Fast Track Program

Waiting times are getting shorter at the FCC (Federal Court of Canada) through a new pilot program was launched in May of 2013. People who require judicial review for matters related to Permanent Residency, Temporary Residency, work permits, or study permits now have a faster track to schedule a hearing date. The FCC will let applicants apply to participate in the fast-track program when they apply for leave to appeal, and an FCC judge will decide if they are suitable.

To apply to schedule a hearing under the new fast track program, applicants should give consent and fill out and submit the checklist below when applying for leave or responding to an application for leave that has been made on their case. Once approved, a hearing date will be scheduled in less than 90 days, or less than 60 days if no other materials need to be submitted. The entire fast track hearing will only take 45 minutes rather than the current minimum time of 2 hours. Since these matters are usually quite simple, the FCC believes that the reduced hearing time will make the process much more efficient.

The current pilot project is only available in Toronto and runs until April 30, 2014. If the FCC gets a good response, it will be possible to schedule your FCC hearing on the fast track in other cities in the  near future.

FCC Fast Track Pilot Questions

  1. Would you like this application to be dealt with under the optional fast-track pilot project?
  2. Are you represented by counsel?
  3. Do you agree to have this application heard in a 45 minute hearing?
  4. Do you intend to file a further memorandum of argument?
  5. Please confirm that no additional materials, including affidavits and transcripts of cross-examination, and no further cross-examinations, will be required for the hearing of this application.
  6. Would you be willing to proceed on shorter notice if a time becomes available?

About the Federal Court of Canada (FCC)

If your application is denied, you may want to pursue an appeal of the handling of your immigration application in the Federal Court of Canada. The Federal Court is Canada’s national superior court which hears and decides legal disputes arising in the federal domain including claims against the Government of Canada, such as immigration appeals. This is a highly respected group of judges and prothonotaries who seek to maintain fairness, transparency and access to justice.

Swearing-In Ceremony, (Ottawa) January 20, 2012
Source: Federal Court of Canada

Only lawyers – not immigration consultants or other advisers – can represent you with respect to Citizenship Act matters in Federal Court.