Immigration can be exciting, yet stressful and confusing. We emphasize strong client relationships and strives to understand each person’s unique situation. Our clients have peace of mind knowing they have taken the best steps to achieve status for themselves and their loved ones. We work with clients in the following areas:

ImmigrationWork and Study Permits
clipboardVisitor Visas
housePermanent Residency
peopleFamily Sponsorship
tieBusiness Immigration
globeRefugee Protection
attentionDetention Review
medikitHumanitarian Cases
documentsAppeals and Federal Court

Our Approach

We have a basic three step approach to working with clients on all types of immigration matters. Although every case is different, this provides an overview of what to expect when you work with an experienced immigration lawyer.

1) Consultation

The first step is for us to meet and discuss your situation. Each person’s immigration options are different and it is important to understand the range of possible outcomes. At this time, an agreement may be reached regarding what legal services will be required and what is the cost. We recognize that immigration legal fees are a significant cost to most families and we will develop a plan to keep the cost reasonable for your situation.

As a law office focused on immigration, we will work with you to keep legal costs reasonable for your situation.

We are committed to providing access to justice for all people, and Rachael is an active legal aid roster lawyer. Legal Aid Alberta arranges a wide variety of legal services, including refugee and immigration matters, for low income Albertans. During the consultation, we can provide an overview of the Legal Aid process, if required.

2) Preparation

Once we have agreed on an overall approach, we will develop more specific plans to achieve your immigration goals. This may involve collecting information from you and your family and obtaining additional documentation. Immigration matters often involve coordinating a large number of documents in multiple languages from different countries around the world. We have experience working with a broad range of government agencies to obtain required documents. We are also able to pass on savings to our clients by using low cost, yet reliable, translation services.

As a law office focused on immigration, we take pride in crafting well organized, complete and thoughtful submissions.

We are a law office focused on immigration and take time to prepare personalized statements and review required forms. In a recent study of refugee cases in Canada, there was a correlation between applicant’s success and the thoroughness of the submission. We take the view that each submission should be crafted to the situation of the particular applicant and we take pride in preparing well organized, complete and thoughtful submissions. If your case will require a hearing or an interview, we will work with you to prepare you for the process so that you are able to present all the facts of your case clearly to the official or board member.

3) Communication

After submitting your application there is a period of time that will pass while the government reviews your file or you wait for your tribunal or court date. Waiting for prolonged periods of time is an unfortunate reality with the immigration system, and this time can be extremely stressful for you and your loved ones. We understand this difficulty and work as your advocate to obtain responses within a reasonable time frame.

As a law office focused on immigration, we keep your case front of mind as the process unfolds.

Our commitment is to regularly communicate with you throughout the process and to provide updates as well as to promptly notify you if there are any follow-up requests that need attention. As a law office focused on immigration, we have a limited roster of clients so that we are able to keep your case front of mind as the process unfolds. We take pride in being responsive to our client’s calls and provide after-hours contact information in case of emergency.